Desert Rose Myofascial Release

Desert Rose Myofascial Release

Desert Rose Myofascial Release

Desert Rose Myofascial ReleaseDesert Rose Myofascial ReleaseDesert Rose Myofascial Release


Kristen Holmes, MFR Therapist, Owner



Thank you for visiting my site. My name is Kristen Holmes, owner  of Desert Rose Myofascial Release.  I am a licensed massage therapist who specializes in John F. Barnes Myofascial Release as well as Reiki.

Desert Rose Myofasicial Release was birthed as a remembrance of my soul's true purpose,  which is to be a guide for others to come home to their most authentic selves; remembering what it is like to be connected to their body, mind, and spirit.


There was a time when I lived in a much different lifestyle then I do now, burning myself out in the corporate world addicted to the social rat race of overdoing and achievement.  I was physically dependent on stimulants and my mind and body were in a constant state of living in survival mode, disconnected and exhausted. However this is the part of my life I am most grateful for, because it was through this very darkness that I rediscovered the parts of myself I had lost along the way. I walked away from all the things that drained my energy. When walking away from all of this, I made a very important promise to myself and told myself I would commit to and never look back on. This promise was to follow my heart's desire to help others. From there I began training to be a massage therapist at the Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy. It was there that I was introduced to myofascial release. I instantly fell in love with myofascial release because of the results with clients and the uniqueness of this treatment. Since then I felt a strong calling to be a JFB therapist and decided to further my education by attending JFB Myofascial Seminars. I continue to attend these seminars to  this day to deepen and further my skills.  After learning this wonderful treatment I then trained to be a Reiki Master,  to help clients go even deeper and heal the subconscious programming that holds them back from living the life of their dreams.  Additionally, I trained to be a life coach where I could teach others on how to take their power back and find the answers within. 

My mission is to help you discover how your body talks to you! The more you become conscious of it the faster your life changes. There is a life force within you that directs you. By tuning into the energetic language of your mind, body and soul you no longer look outside of yourself but rather within. 

I believe symptoms are a message from the body trying to tell you something very important.  Since childhood, we learned to numb those messages with drugs, food, work, and many other things.  I believe myofascial release will empower you to tap into the root cause of imbalances in your mind and body. This will teach you how your body talks to you.  Each thought you hold has an energetic effect to how you feel.  Each choice you make or don't make also affects you.  Becoming aware of this provides a transformed way of living and being.

If you have any questions about how this treatment can assist you. Please feel free to contact me.